smart-me Meter 1-phase

smart-me Meter 1-phase

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The first electricity meter which can be monitored and controlled anytime and anywhere. No additional hardware is required. You can monitor your consumption in realtime via smartphone, tablet or PC.

There are two different versions available:

  • direct connection 5(80)A
    for up to 80A (18.4 kW)

  • direct connection 5(32)A, switchable
    for up to 32A (7.3 kW)


  • phasing energy meter, 230 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • direct measurement up to 80 A
  • bidirectional meter
  • encrypted direct connection (WiFi) to the cloud
  • inclusive energy data management
  • additional SO-impulse interface
  • accuracy class 1 according to IEC62053-21
  • alarm (e-mail and push message)
  • integrated data logger for two months (in the case of connection failure)

technical data

accuracy: according to IEC62053-21

operating voltage: 85 - 253 VAC

frequency (f): 50 / 60 Hz

max. current: 80 A / 32 A (switchable)

reference current: 5 A

starting current: < 20 mA

rates: 2+

assembly: DIN rail

width: 2 modul, 36 x 90 mm

interface: WiFi, SO

SO pulse valency: 1000 Impulse per kWh

internal consumption: < 0.8 W

licence: MID in preparation