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The smart-eye integrates energy meters according to the FNN specification sheet (modern measurement equipment) into the smart-me cloud – independent from the manufacturer. The smart-eye is placed on the optical interface and reads out the metering values through an existing WiFi network. It is the easiest way to analyse and optimize the energy consumption in real-time on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Utilities profit from a comprehensive device and user management of all the integrated measuring points.

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  • Real-time visualization of the metering data (e.g. power, metering values etc.) in the web view and in the app + Automated saving of the metering values in the cloud
  • Local logging and automated resynchronization oft the metering data in case of connection errors
  • Encrypted WiFi connection directly to the smart-me cloud
  • Extensive energy data management, automated invoicing, energy flow optimizing and alarm configuration in the cloud
  • Easy installation via the free smart-me App for Android and iOS

technical data

operating voltage: USB Type C Interface for 5V

temperature range: - 40 bis + 70°C

interface: WiFi, INFO-Interface (communication with meter)

WiFi standard: 802.11 b/g/n

WiFi safety standard: WEP, WPA, WPA2 (personal)

data storage: 2 months

firmware update: online

product certification: CE

supported meters: every meter according to the FNN specification sheet

dimension: 34 x 34 x 25,5 [mm]

weight: 40 g

assembly: magnetic

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